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Monday, December 10th

14.00-14.30 Registration (Registration desk, 2nd floor, next to meeting room 1-2)
14.30–17.00 Pre-conference: New sexual assault referral centers (SARCs), Meeting room 1–2
  • Welcome! Seppo Heinonen, M.D., Prof, Head of Women’s Hospital, Helsinki University Hospital, Finland and Suvi Nipuli, Senior Planning Officer, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland.
  • Caring for victims of acute sexual violence in Europe: comparison of good practices and lessons learned. Ines Keygnaert, Prof, Dr, Ghent University-ICRH, Belgium.
  • Evaluation of the physician-nurse task-shifting and multidisciplinary collaboration in the newly set-up Sexual Assault Care Centres in Belgium. Nesrin Diren, Ghent University-ICRH, Belgium.
  • Challenges in establishing SACs from scratch. Kai Part, M.D., University of Tartu, Estonia.
  • Short break
  • The first year of the Finnish sexual assault referral center. Riina Korjamo, M.D., PhD, Helsinki University Hospital, Finland.
  •  Discussion
17.00 Get together, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Winter Garden


Tuesday, December 11th

09.00–10.00 Registration and coffee or tea

Registration desk, 2nd floor, next to meeting rooms 1–2

10.00 Opening Ceremony (Meeting room 1–2)
  • Welcome! Riina Korjamo, Organizing committee, Helsinki University Hospital, Finland
  • Opening. Annika Saarikko, Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, Finland
10.35–12.15 Plenary session 1: Nordic SARCs and survivors of rape (Meeting room 1–2)
  • Sexual assault referral centers in Nordic countries, Ask Eklit, Psychologist, Prof, National Centre for Psychotraumatology and University of Southern Denmark, and Cecilie Therese Hagemann, Gynecologist, Associate professor, Norwegian university of science and technology
  • Amnesty International research on impunity for rape in the Nordic Countries. Otava Piha, Researcher and Patricia Kaatee, Policy Advisor, Amnesty International Finnish and Norwegian Sections
  • Helsinki Rape Study: an analysis of 65 years of rape investigations in the Helsinki metropolitan area during 1952-2017. Antti Sajantila, M.D., Prof, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • The occurrence and nature of male rape in Sweden – an examination of complete police files from Sweden 2014-16. Jens Lindberg, Researcher, Dept. of Social Work, Umeå University, Sweden
12.15–13.30 Lunch (Royal Sali) and posters (Winter Garden)


13.30–15.30 Parallel sessions 2a and 2b
Session 2a: Who are the survivors we meet? (Meeting room 1)
  • Sexual-assault centre at Landspitali National University Hospital – 25 years of interdisciplinary approach. Hronn Stefansdottir, Registered nurse, Landspitali University Hospital, Iceland
  • Piloting Sexaul Assault Care Centers in Belgium: Who do they reach and what care is offered? Saar Baert, Ghent University-ICRH, Belgium
  • Survivors presenting at the Amsterdam Sexual Assault Center: characteristics and police contacts. Dorn Tina, Public Health Service Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Rape survivors’ experiences with medical, forensic and psychosocial aftercare offered by the Amsterdam Sexual Assault Center. Gwen Van Husen, Public Health Service Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Discussion
Session 2b: Special issues of helping victims (Meeting room 2)
  • From a perpetrator-focused judicial approach to patient-driven holistic care for victims of sexual violence: the account of a Belgian change. Ines Keygnaert, Prof, Dr, Ghent University-ICRH, Belgium
  • Sexual violence in migrants, applicants for international protection and refugees: a critical interpretive synthesis. Lotte De Schrijver, Ghent University-ICRH, Belgium
  • An inclusive approach of sexual violence in Belgium: accessibility of sexual assault centres for (undocumented) migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and foreign-born. Ines Keygnaert, Prof, Dr, Ghent University-ICRH, Belgium
  • Access to services for survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence through partnership. Meggy Verputten, Specialist in sexual violence, MSF, Netherlands
  • Discussion
15.00–15.40 Coffee and posters (Winter Garden)


15.40–17.00 Parallel sessions 3a and 3b
Session 3a: Sexual minorities, eldery and men as a victim (Meeting room 1)
  • Sexual violence in sexual minorities: A critical interpretive synthesis. Lotte De Schrijver, Ghent University-ICRH, Belgium
  • Are we forgetting older adults in sexual violence research, policies and health care practices? Anne Nobels, Ghent University-ICRH, Belgium
  • How to gain an empathic encounter when working with male survivors. Tommi Petteri Pesonen, Head counsellor in sexual violence work, Poikien Talo, Loisto setlementti ry, Finland
  • Discussion
Session 3b: Medical treatment and forensics (Meeting room 2)
  • Change in routines of post exposure antibacterial prophylactic treatment after sexual assault. A descriptive study from a Sexual assault center. Cecilie Therese Hagemann, Gynecologist, Associate professor, Norwegian university of science and technology, Norway
  • Toxicological findings in Swedish cases of alleged drug-facilitated sexual assaults (DFSA). Anna Möller, M.D., Stockholm South Hospital, Sweden
  • Assault characteristics and police investigation in three groups of rape suspects. Bjarte Vik, Psychiatrist, St. Olavs Hospital, Norway
  • Discussion
18.30 Helsinki City Reception, Old Court House (Aleksanterinkatu 20)


Wednesday, December 12th

8.30–10.00 Parallel sessions 4a and 4b
Parallel session 4a: Young and adolescents as victims (Meeting room 1)
  • How to connect with young survivors of sexual assault? Vera Schuller, Network coordinator, and Anouk Devens, Policy maker/beleidsondersteuner, Centrum Seksueel Geweld Amsterdam-Amstelland, Netherlands
  • Child friendly forensic interviewing led by Clinical Psychologists – a UK pilot service for children who disclose sexual abuse. Evelina Medin, Clinical Psychologist, The Havens, King’s College Hospital, UK
  • Forensic medical evidence in acute child sexual abuse cases in The Netherlands. Wouter Karst, M.D. Sexual assault center Netherlands – Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Minors surviving sexual violence in Port au Prince, Haiti. Hanna Reinholdz, M.D., MSF, Sweden
  • Discussion
Parallel session 4b: Prevention and treatment of PTSD (Meeting room 2)
  • Early psychological intervention after rape: a feasibility study. Karin Larsson, Lic. psychotherapist, Emergency Clinic for rape victims, Sweden
  • Single-session group CBT post sexual assault: An outcome study. Raquel Correia, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • Early EMDR to reduce PTSD symptom severity: A randomized controlled trial in recent rape victims. Milou Covers, Psychologist, Sexual assault center Netherlands – Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Preventing PTSD after rape: a systematic review of early interventions. Veerle Oosterbaan, Student, Sexual assault center Netherlands – Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Discussion
10.00–10.40 Coffee break and posters (Winter Garden)


10.40–12.00 Parallel sessions 5a and 5b
Parallel session 5a: (Meeting room 1)
  • Disgust and symptoms of PTSD: Implications for treatment. Jannetta Bos, Psychotherapist, Centrum’45, Netherlands
  • Sexual abuse, symptoms and disclosure in a specialist clinic for sexually traumatized patients. Gita Rajan, Physician, Specialist in family medicin, Wonsa, World of no sexual abuse, Sweden
  • Treatment of female victims of sexual exploitation: extending the focus beyond trauma. Linda Verhaak, Psychologist, psychotherapist, Equator Foundation, Netherlands
  • Discussion
Parallel session 5b:  (Meeting room 2)
  • Pornography – a recipe for rape? Olga Persson, General Secretary, Unizon, Sweden.
  • Adolescents’ motives for selling sex in a welfare state – A Swedish national study. Cecilia Fredlund, Resident physician, psychiatry, BUP/CSAN/Linköping University, Sweden.
  • Addressing sexual violence among active drug users. Raila Lainejoki, Project Officer, Exit Prostitution Association, Finland.
  • Discussion
12.00–13.30 Lunch (Royal Sali) and posters (Winter Garden)


13.30–15.30 Plenary session 6: Health consequences of rape
  • A history of child abuse in female victims of sexual exploitation: a historical cohort study. Rina Ghafoerkhan, Psychologist / PhD student, Equator Foundation, Netherlands
  • Motives and manifestations of sex as self-injury (SASI). Cecilia Fredlund, Resident physician, psychiatry, BUP/CSAN/Linköping University,  Sweden
  • Cope for Court: lessening the perceived stress of the forthcoming court proceeding and helping to perform in court. Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm, Dr, PsyJuridica Ltd., Finland
  • Therapists´experiences working with survivors of sexual abuse and rape. Charlotta von Mentzer, Midwife, Narhalsan Sexualmedicinskt centrum SMC-Pilen, Sweden
  • Discussion
  • Closing, Katriina Bildjuschkin, Midwife, MA (education), National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
15.30- 16.00 Coffee and good bye! (Winter Garden)